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SHOBHIT Mediworld is a leading hospital pharmacy chain based in north India.

“SHOBHIT Mediworld is the pioneer in the hospital pharmacy chain division of India. SHOBHIT Mediworld can highlight its comprehensive range of services, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, medical supplies, and healthcare consultations. This can attract customers looking for a one-stop solution for their healthcare needs.”

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Why Us

Our Strength

SHOBHIT Mediworld's strength in the hospital pharmacy sector lies in its wider network, quality assurance, professional expertise, and range of medications. patients can make informed decisions based on accessibility, availability, service quality, and pricing.

Expertise and Qualified Staff

Our team of experienced pharmacists and healthcare professionals have the qualifications and expertise to maintain highest standards of service, as well as provide personalized advice and guidance to patients creating satisfaction and goodwill.

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Dispensing Training

Our staff receives drug dispensing training effectively before being deployed at the pharmacy. We ensure a safe, clean and organised environment where dispensing is performed accurately, in an orderly manner and with disciplined use of effective procedures. Our staff ensures patients’ understanding of how to take their medication, even asking them to repeat instructions.

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Behavioral Training

Our staff behaviour is the key for the pharmacy business. We train them in toughest scenario base simulations. Professionalism is displayed in the way our pharmacists conduct themselves in work situations, with a demeanour that is created through a combination of behaviours, including courtesy and politeness when dealing with Patients, Managers, Colleagues and other Health Care Professionals.

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Soft Skill Training

Much needed soft skills like communication, attitude, grooming etc. are included to foster professionalism. Our staff possesses an understanding of adaptability, cultural competency and personality fit. This cluster of personality attributes, work ethics, friendliness and positivity all build friendly and lasting relations.

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