Founder’s Message

I am a dreamer. Seriously, I’m living on another planet.” – Eva Green. And this Other Planet my friend, is SHOBHIT MEDIWORLD – a dream of exploring the idea of setting up Pharmacies across society, differently. My approach is to integrate the Doctors, the Hospital, the Pharmacies, the Vendors and the Patients at large in an organized and digitalized manner with the group philosophy of “TRUST WITH TRANSPARENCY”. During my early employment regime with various Pharmaceutical companies and my experiences while interacting with Doctors, the Stockist, the Distributors and the Patients, I felt the need for a transparent and organized mechanism of coordination and functioning in this segment. This gave birth to the idea and desire to develop a concept of setting up Pharmacies and its allied activities differently, and this desire soon became a dream. But as it goes, before your dream comes true, you have to face reality. I too had a faceoff with reality and struggled a lot.

The struggle along with my vision gave birth to SHOBHIT MEDIWORLD the name with which you know and associate with me today. This is my planet and all of you are my proud and prosperous inhabitants of this Planet. An inherent desire has a way of becoming a dream and translating that dream into reality give one an innate sense of happiness and achievement. It’s a proud moment for me and my more than able and supremely capable team, when we see thousands of patients, hundreds of vendors and scores of Doctors look upon us with a satisfying smile of content. While establishing each of these units, the objective is to give an opportunity to everyone associated, a high – level platform for execution with Quality, Satisfaction, Economy and above all TRUST of being “ALL YOURS”. Our vision is simple – Igniting Concepts Empowering Lives. The journey has just begun. The reality of reaching a turnover of 225 Crores in two years even fills me with invigorating energy for the days ahead. The next two – three years will perceive SHOBHIT Group’s quantum leap, with several new mediventure initiatives in the arena of the medical fraternity. We have recently forayed into the domain of software development for the Pharmacy and Hospital Chains under the brand SHOBHIT INFOTECH and also ventured into marketing of pharmaceutical products under the aegis of SHOMED REMEDIES. In the past decade, I learnt a lot from life, and now I am confident that the Group is ready to become an initiative of social significance. This dream will not have any boundaries. AND dreams are seen with closed eyes and fulfilled with the help of the MIND, the BODY, the Initiative and ZEAL which are another name of “MY TEAM”.

Founder & Chairman